Sentimental Gold

Jewellery has been the way we adorn ourselves or carry our wealth for time infinitum, but it has never been a necessity. The only way jewellery becomes sentimental is the way we imbue it with meaning, connections to time, place, and loved ones. However taste, fashion, and personal choices change and evolve; we are humans and our stories grow with us. Jewellery is no different, since our love affair with embellishments began, we have always repurposed and refashioned.

We can use materials that are languishing in your jewellery boxes and sock drawers, and create pieces that begged to be worn and celebrated.



Discuss with a member of the team what you would like to have made, don’t worry you do not need to have a finished item in mind - but a rough idea. If you are wanting to have have Molten Wedding Ring Bands made, just give us a call, you do not need an appointment. If you are wanting a bespoke piece of jewellery we will book you an appointment with Erin, to outline your ideas.


weight & test

We will weigh, test and measure your Gold and Platinum jewellery, it’s ok if it’s a bit of a mixture, but we need to calculate how much material you have in what carat of metal. We are not able to mix different carats of metal into one piece of jewellery. Metals behave differently when heated, and this can affect the finish of the jewellery, it also makes hallmarking quite difficult. We will discuss with you, your options with the materials you have.



As a starting point, we charge £350 for simple remodelling work, where you have all the materials for the piece of jewellery and there is no stone setting. This will be complete with a full UK Hall mark and Erin’s makers mark. This would be the same for making Molten Wedding Company Rings. If you are having something bespoke made, Erin will have discussed your’s and her ideas an drawn some sketches. From this she will create a quote for you, this can take a maximum of 2 weeks from your consultation date.