ErinBW Workbench

'A beautiful piece of jewellery becomes a part of a person's life story. It will be passed down through generations to become a part of the family's story and a piece of history.

I love that I can be part of that process.'

- Erin Cox


Hidden away in historic Exeter, Erin Cox jewellery holds the promise of hard work and skill, a love of home, and the ingredient of a personal approach to each client and their story. Erin has experienced some big adventures since days studying fine jewellery at university, but she has always been a pioneer.

"I studied at Sir John Cass Department of Art at London Guildhall University where I learnt the fundamental skills of jewellery making and silversmithing. This rigorous education in traditional skills means that all my work is made to the high standards instilled in me by some wonderful, well respected and inspirational jewellers. I hope they would be proud of every piece I produce"

Over a growing career, she has not only developed her own thriving business in the heart of Exeter, but in a world in which otherwise beautiful jewellery is often tainted by its dubious connections to exploitation in developing countries, Erin also sources ethical precious metals and stones. Each piece that is made with using these fairtrade metals will flaunt an additional hallmark to prove its authenticity.

melting gold

You can visit the Castle street shop and workshop, to see Erin’s full collection of unique, contemporary jewellery handmade in gold including fair trade and platinum. From stunning necklaces and earrings to engagement and wedding rings.

We are open from Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm.

To commission your own unique piece of Erin Cox jewellery, we recommend having a browse through our gallery page for inspiration. You can call to book an appointment to discuss your requirements and ideas. If you have existing pieces of jewellery that you would like it to sit with, we ask you to bring that with you. Appointments are held with either Erin herself, or her two trusted team members Laura or Lily, depending on the day of your choosing. 

Erin, also creates jewellery from sentimental Gold and other precious metals, by reworking and remodelling, creating something truly exquisite, unusual and of course completely unique. We can't confess to being the first recycling jewellery; goldsmiths have been doing it for centuries, repurposing family gold into items that reflect the changing fashions of the time. But it is something we are passionate about, and feel it is one way that we can make jewellery and limit impact on the environment.