We love to hear from customers past and present. If you have an enquiry about a particular piece of jewellery you have seen, or want to talk about a commission, please do get in touch. For commission work, we recommend making an appointment, so that we can dedicate all our attention to your project, appointments usually last no more than one hour.

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To commission your own unique piece of Erin Cox jewellery, we recommend making an appointment to discuss your requirements and ideas. Appointments are held with Erin, and are currently available on Fridays. Drop us a line below, and we will be in touch to organise an appointment that suits you. Let us know a little bit about what you are hoping to be made, and if you have existing pieces of jewellery that you would like it to sit with, we ask you to bring that with you. 

Erin, also creates jewellery from sentimental Gold and other precious metals, by reworking and remodelling, creating something truly exquisite, unusual and of course completely unique. We can't confess to being the first recycling jewellery; goldsmiths have been doing it for centuries, repurposing family gold into items that reflect the changing fashions of the time. But it is something we are passionate about, and feel it is one way that we can make jewellery and limit impact on the environment. 

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