Four Years on . . .

It's 4 years today that I became a fully fledged member of team Spencer, and was lucky enough to marry my best friend. When our family and friends all poured into a tiny church in Ashill Devon, and helped us celebrate until the wee small hours. 

In my mind a wedding is a coming together of your community, to partake in a rite of passage, but also a bringing together of the people that are really special to you. Its in that moment, you say proudly, I choose this person to be my partner, with all of my loved ones as witnesses, and come what may we will always be part of this community.

It should always be, without doubt a reflection of you as a couple, and for us, our wedding day ticked all the right boxes. My family ethos has always been for inclusivity, meaning theres always a spare chair at the table, and the more the merrier. But it also means that we collect a lot of people along the way, and with this in mind, we pulled in all the favours and creativity we could. Erin has been a firm friend of Jim's since they were very small playing cricket in a park in St Leonards, Exeter. So who else would it be to make our rings.! 

Erin crafted us some spectacular, hand melt rings, mine using family gold, and shaped to fit around my engagement ring. I love the combination and juxtaposition of the molten gold texture alongside the precise geometric nature of my engagement ring. Erin's idea of the shaped curve, makes the ring really settle with my engagement ring, they don't work against each other. And if I decide to just wear my wedding ring, it has a wonderful contemporary, yet timeless shape. His is a mighty 22ct Yellow Gold Hand melt, undulating textured, molten circle of glory, and makes him proudly feel a bit like a hobbit.