Commission Books are now OPEN!

 Like a whirlwind Erin's maternity leave has come to it's natural conclusion, and a new era in the shop has begun. We have just opened our books to new commission work again, which is rather exciting! We are now offering appointments on Fridays to customers that want to talk to Erin on a one to one basis.  

If you are one of our regular readers, you may have noted the post about working mum's and Erin's plan for her return to work. With this in mind she has decided to have a calm space to talk to customers about commission work out of the hustle of the shop. But a space that can also double up as the "snooze zone" for Willow, whilst Erin is in the shop. We have just spent the week overhauling one of our office spaces, in Castle Street studios, and are rather pleased with the results. Take a peak at the photo below.

If you are thinking about commissioning a new piece of jewellery, want to talk about remodelling some existing jewellery, please give Laura and Lily a call on 01392 660836 or drop them a line at, and we can talk through your ideas and arrange an appointment to suit both you and Erin.