GOLD Fever

It's rather exciting, we've had a little bit of a revamp of our signage. For all of our beady eyed customers out there, you may have noticed a slight shift in our visual appearance in the past few months. A gold logo on our website and on our jewellery boxes. . .  .well ladies and gents, its finally on our windows and signage too! Although Hot pink teamed with grey was our first love, Erin decided it was time to demurely evolve and grow up a little, and gold foil just spoke to all of us. Come and have a look at our new golden livery, we're rather pleased with it.

And so in  a moment of procrastination, and maybe a smidgen of insightfulness I had a look at some of the facts surrounding gold. Its almost a part of everyday life for a lot of us, from the gold used in circuit boards in a our smartphones and computers, to a treasured piece of jewellery. We can quite often forget or over look where the lustrous material has come from, or how ingenious a material it is. 

  • Nearly all of the gold on Earth came from meteorites that bombarded the planet over 200 million years ago.
  • Gold is one of the few metals that can be found under all 7 continents - it is mined in 6 leaving the Antarctic precious metal untouched.
  • In every cubic mile of seawater there is estimated to be 25 tons of Gold, unfortunately there isn't yet a sustainable and effective way to recover it.
  • 78% of the World supply of Gold is used in jewellery. 
  • If all the gold in the World was pulled into a 5micron thick wire, it would wrap around the World 11.2 million times