A Valentines Proposal

Is it the slight glimmer of hope for Spring, and the first signs of Spring buds. Or is it that we are so over the dreariness of Winter that makes our hearts all of a flutter this time of year. Whether you are one for Valentines, or not, its lovely time to be in a jewellers. We have had a flurry of furrowed browed men, looking for just the perfect ring, and we hope that these tokens of love fit the bill.

If you are thinking of a Valentines proposal, there are few things you may want to consider:

Budget: Its not everyones favourite subject but Budget, it can be a huge stumbling block but getting a clear idea of how much you would like to spend is really important, it can really help in the decision making process , as well as making sure you stay on track with what you feel comfortable with.

Style and Substance: Having a good idea of what style of ring your love would like, is very useful but not essential, sometimes it takes seeing something to know that they would love it. But metal colours are very important, what do they think works with their skin tone, do they like a particular colour palette?

Ring Size: This is great to know, but not essential, all our ring prices include them being resized. Although it’s lovely to get it right first time, these can be tricky things to find out subtly.

We have plenty of beautiful pieces in stock that would make gorgeous engagement rings, at different price point for different pockets.

We appreciate that this can be a scary and intimidating process, and often hear the phrase, “ this might sounds like a stupid question.” We are here to answer your questions, regardless of whether you think they are silly or not. But we are also here to try and make this an enjoyable process and remove some the stress. So come and see us for a chat and a good look at all the jewels, we can make it as in depth as you like!