Fair Trade Gold

It’s Fair Trade Fortnight in the UK from the 25th February - 10 March 2019. These two weeks help raise awareness for the fantastic work that the Fair Trade Foundation does to promote such worthy cause.

From Banana’s, to Chocolate and a whole host of produce in between, the Fair Trade Association works directly with farmers, artisans and even gold miners to create a market place for products that are sourced, manufactured and grown in ethical ways.

If Erin ruled the world (it wouldn’t be as scary as it sounds - we promise) everyone would be paid a fair and decent for wage for the work that they do, and we would make and sell only fair trade jewellery. We are starting to see a shift in attitudes towards Fair Trade Gold being the future of our unique corner of the jewellery industry, and this is very encouraging. Each year more and more Fair Trade Gold Products are being made available to jewellers, this year we are excited to start getting our hands on 9ct Gold.

To work with and sell this product you have to be assessed to fulfil certain criteria by the Fair Trade Association, once you have your licence, you can only by Fair Trade Gold using your licence number and it has to be Hall Marked to say that it is a Fair Trade Product. The whole process is tightly controlled as you would expect, and this only gives us more confidence in the product.

More information amount the Peruvian Community that benefits from being a Fair Trade Gold Mine can be found

All Images are our own, or sourced from the Fair Trade Association and the London Assay Office.