Crown Jewels - Tiara Rings

How do you top an exceptional engagement ring, or create a harmonious stacking selection of rings?

This year has seen a flurry of shaped wedding bands and rings flood the market,

but here at Erin Cox we are approaching things a little differently.



Create Your Own Ensemble

Stacking rings are an easy way to reflect your mood, the changing colours of the season or just experiment with pieces in your jewellery box. Tiara rings are brilliant at fitting around and framing other rings.


Crown Your

Engagement Ring

Looking to heighten the drama of your engagement ring, add a bit of sparkle or just want to do things differently, then a Tiara Ring could be an obvious choice.

Erin can create a bespoke ring to fit around your engagement ring, and it doesn’t have to be an Erin Cox engagement ring, just book an appointment, and have a conversation about all the possibilities.


Make Your Own Rules

There are no hard and fast rules that dictate how you should wear your jewellery. We only recommend that you wear the same carat of metal alongside each other, so that one doesn’t wear against the other.